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Kehilat Poriya is a home-based Messianic congregation in the Lower Galilee area of ISRAEL...

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Written by Terri Morey   
Sunday, 06 January 2013 20:54

mt tabor with rain clouds 2

Rain clouds hover over Mt. Tabor

Shalom from a Rain-Soaked Galilee!

The plea for the blessing of rain is always a focus of our prayers, as a congregation at Poriya Ilit. We know there are many individuals who also call out for the Lord's mercy to send rain to this dry, parched land. Already, we have witnessed the bare, brown hillsides transformed to a beautiful blanket of green, as life once more emerges from what appeared to be lifeless areas. Beginning yesterday, we have begun what is forecast to be the wettest week in recent records! Thank you for joining your prayers with ours for thanksgiving to the Lord for His faithfulness. Below is a news article from one of today's publications in Israel.
With many blessings, 
Eric and Terri Morey
Heavy rain fell from the North to the Negev overnight Saturday, with the stormy winter weather expected to continue on Sunday and throughout the week. Forecasters expect the coming week to be one of the rainiest in recent memory with some 100 millimeters of rain expected in central Israel and as much as 250 millimeters expected to fall in the North. Mount Hermon is also expected to see continued snowfall throughout the week. Melting snow from Mount Hermon and the Golan will add some 30 centimeters to Lake Kinneret, according to forecasts. The Israel Meteorological Service said that snow could fall in Jerusalem as well on Wednesday. The heavy rainfall has been very good for the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Israel’s largest single source of fresh water. The lake, which was dangerously low two years ago following years of dry weather, is now on track to hit a 20-year high. The surface of the Kinneret rose by 6.5 centimeters over the weekend as the rains began.
Last Updated on Sunday, 06 January 2013 20:56
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